Bar du Bois

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Anna Barfuss, Pawel Wocial



Bar du Bois, Bauernmarkt 9, 1010 Wien


“Lost on Tangente” (Anna Barfuss): Eine Autofahrt sollte einen Weg abkürzen um etwas quality time mit dem Beifahrer zu gewinnen, nimmt aber über eine falsche Ausfahrt einen anderen Verlauf. Getting lost im Industriegebiet, lost in der Kommunikation mit meiner Begleitung, und die unausweichliche Dringlichkeit von Zeit, die abläuft. In der Tonspur mischt sich O-Ton Autoradio mit Übungsnoise aus dem Bereich der klassischen Streichinstrumente.


Pawel Wocial’s ‘Propeller’ is a slowly rotating propeller in the space filled with light stimulating plant growth. The installation is as technical as it is organic. The slow rotation puts you in a meditative mindset allowing you to grow strong self-awareness.

The installation is based on a structure made of beliefs and experience, of everything that can in a close-up be taken for your own identity, but from some distance turns out to be built of external influences, other people’s expectations, patterns shaped by the environment we are in, perceived either explicitly or implicitly. Paweł is interested in changing that state, in generating energy that will allow for taking decisions and for not fearing the change.

Another point of view, distance caused by the change allow for selecting habits, telling your own identity elements from the borrowed ones, leaving all the cultural influencesbehind, setting yourself free from contexts imposed on you. The new state would be about understanding yourself, and taking control over the situation.

The value is built upon two seeming contradictions, technical and organic, mental and beyond-rational elements. The important common denominator is the creative process that is to some extent rational, but using the brain as a tool than rather being controlled by it.